My Mission

I designed my blog and my legal serviceswith four goals in mind:

  • Teach people how to resolve their case fairly without spending a lot of time and money in court or in lawyers’ offices.
  • Minimize conflict.
  • Help people rebuild their lives, heal and move forward.
  • Help parents find a positive and workable way to have two households and to co-parent without anger and bitterness.

Although divorce is never easy, I have seen clients successfully navigate their divorce using this model. It is possible to do divorce differently.

The Story of Lemonade Divorce

The purpose of this blog is to bring inspiration, hope and insightful discussion to people as they go through one of life’s most difficult and painful transitions. I also want to provide education, concrete advice and practical tools to help people get through their divorce constructively. All these things are essential, not just one without the other.

How I came to this juncture in life is this: I am a divorce lawyer and mediator by profession, I’m married and have children, I am the child of divorced parents. Personally and professionally, I’ve witnessed the pain and trauma families go through. And I—like many others– think our legal system is too expensive, takes way too long, and is overly complicated.

I believe divorce is a holistic process that must be addressed from all angles– legal, emotional, logistical and spiritual—because divorce brings up and challenges all these parts of us. (I use the word “spiritual” in a non-denominational sense—sort of like AA and other twelve-step programs do).

So it is with this goal in mind that I created my mission. Through my law and mediation office and through this blog, I hope to provide a valuable service and resources for anyone going through divorce. Hopefully, with many like-minded people working for this common goal, we can make the path of divorce a little bit easier. I am officially signing on to do my part.