Legal Services

I offer mediation and consultation services to resolve your family law matters out of court. 

  • Divorce mediation is available for residents of San Diego County, Orange County & Los Angeles County.
  • I also offer in-person or over-the-phone divorce and custody consultations for individuals who would like legal assistance with divorce, but cannot do mediation for one reason or another. This service works well if you live too far away for in-office mediation, out-of-state, or if your spouse refuses to mediate.

For a comprehensive and detailed list of legal services offered, see my website:


The benefits of my approach:

  • Helps you settle your case fairly and within the guidelines of California law
  • Much faster than litigation
  • Avoids unnecessary legal conflict and heartache
  • Allows you to stay in the driver’s seat, rather than turning your divorce over to lawyers and the court
  • Facilitates a working relationship with your spouse, which will make future co-parenting much easier and more peaceful
  • Costs considerably less than what one normally pays for a divorce or to modify prior divorce agreements
  • Minimizes the harm to your children by keeping conflict low
  • Holistic approach that addresses all aspects of divorce:  legal, emotional, practical
  • Addresses bigger life issues such as how to handle crisis and loss
  • Facilitates healing and moving on with your life


For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please call (858) 551-2608 or email

Also see my website, which has detailed information about how I work, my mission, my commitment to clients, my billing practices, how to determine if mediation is right for you, and to request a free consultation (on the Contact Us page).