Huffington Post Launches Section on Divorce

They are calling it HuffPost Divorce and I’ve checked it out. I like the feel of it already. It will have articles, information and commentaries on a variety of issues related to divorce. I love what Arianna Huffington wrote in her post: “I’ve always thought that, as a country, we do a lousy job of addressing how we can do divorce differently — and better. Especially when there are children involved.” I couldn’t agree with her more. It’s very exciting to see more people—particularly women such as Arianna Huffington and Nora Ephron who have an enormous public audience—bringing this issue to the public’s attention. Best of all, they have daily posts, which is something I can’t do on Lemonade Divorce because of my commitment to clients, my Divorce Doc workshops, and my own family and children. So check out HuffPost Divorce if you are looking for more good stuff!