Back From Sabbatical

Hello readers,

I am back from my blogging sabbatical. I appreciated and enjoyed the emails from some of you during my absence (particularly one concerned email asking if I’d died. That one gave me a chuckle!). Nope, I’m still around, with no good excuse for dropping out of sight other than having an extremely busy year running my mediation and law practice while trying to stay present for my kids, husband and myself. I didn’t plan to take a sabbatical, it kind of just naturally developed into one as months passed and I had no inspiration to write.

I realize in retrospect that this past year was primarily a year of questions for me (with not as many answers as I would have liked), and a time of transition and reflection. As we enter 2015, I find I am still in a reflective space but feel some ideas beginning to percolate for the first time in a long while. I’m hoping to have something interesting this year to share with you through the blog.