An Expert Weighs In on Forgiveness

A heated debate took place last month on Huffington Post. The subject was forgiveness of your ex after divorce. Blogger Erica Manfred claimed that “moving on” is all that’s necessary and you don’t have to forgive your ex. Her arguments are well-written and persuasive, but I disagree with her opinion and decided to interview an expert on forgiveness. I posted the expert’s perspective, as well as my own, in my post today for Huffington Post Divorce. For the full article (as well as the link to Manfred’s article), click on this hyperlink. If you find the topic interesting and would like to share your own perspective, post a comment on HuffPost Divorce when you reach the end of my article.

  • Tara

    I am on your side. How can a person really move on without forgiveness….. Awesome blog! will definitely come back soon. :)